About us
Clubaloha is a fitness hub that has two studios: Aloha Cycle Club and Aloha Muscle Club.

Aloha Cycle Club is the perfect place to enjoy beat driven indoor cycling classes. We are all about tapping into that mind-body connection, and making sure you carry the afterglow of your workout long after you leave the studio. We have a selection of different class types at Aloha Cycle Club which will suit beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts. Expect a high intensity cardiovascular group fitness workout with core strengthening and upper body toning using light weights.

At Aloha Muscle Club, the focus is on your muscles. Whatever your experience level, we welcome you! We pay special attention to form and allow for progression in the workout so that beginners up to seasoned fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the classes. We have a variety of workouts for anyone looking to build on their strength, conditioning and coordination. We have a fine selection of weights, kettlebells, resistance bands and gymnastic rings to provide you with a full body workout to help you build & tone up your muscles. Recovering and resting your muscles after a sweaty workout is just as important for your fitness performance and overall well-being, which is why we also provide recovery and mobility classes, which focuses on improving joint and muscle movements and breathing techniques to relax the nervous system.